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Minister Francisco (Frankie) Vega, founder of Spirit and Truth Ministries Int’l is an itinerate minister,  and  a  2000 graduate of Rhema Bible College. For the last 13 years of full time ministry, he has served in various capacities building the local church. His beginnings were as a Youth/College Campus Pastor for Bishop Keith A. Butler, to ultimately serving as lead pastoral staff with Bishop Dale C. Bronner. He has reached thousands of people, especially youth from weekly services to outreach venues, relaunched and redesigned a student ministry from 30 youth to 400 in just 8 months.

He has also pioneered numerous discipleship small groups in local communities and conducted campus crusades on school grounds reaching the next generation. He has seen hundreds of youth saved, healed, and even filled with the Spirit on secular soil, outside the four walls of the local church. He has united local pastors and leaders, and has been a sought after speaker for churches, and various school/college campus organizations.

In 2006, Frankie received a supernatural dream to establish a leadership and itinerate ministry to the body of Christ. It’s mandate was to refresh and impact young people, leaders, and laity in the body of Christ on an individual and international level. The vision described from the LORD was inspired from John 4:23-24 which says:

“ For the hour has come, and now is when the true worshippers will worship the father IN SPIRIT, and IN TRUTH for these are the “kind of worshippers” the father is seeking to worship him. God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH…

Why Spirit and truth? Because now more than ever, God is seeking a people passionate for the word AND for the Holy Spirit. For both, Word and Spirit, were instituted to authenticate truth, demonstrating the realities of God, and reciprocating tangible results that flows organically….

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Therefore, the Lord has instructed Minister Frankie Vega to travel taking “Spirit & Truth” as a movement and redig the wells of power by the Holy Spirit in the faith community. He believes he is to call the church back not just for PRINCIPLES/PROGRAMS but also to experience God’s POWER/PRESENCE. To become a “living organism” not just a “corporate organization”. As we reach the “unchurched” and reclaim a lost generation of casual, unimpressed traditional church “attendee’s”, they will be reawakened into a mighty new generation of Jesus leaders marked by the Glory of God. They will demonstrate signs and wonders and take the glorious gospel of Christ to america and the nations of the world.

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John. 4:23-24 –“For the time is coming and now is, when the true worshippers with worship the father in Spirit and in truth, for the father is seeking these kind of worshippers to worship Him. God is a Spirit. They that worship Him must worship him IN SPIRIT and IN TRUTH…


“Activating the Church, Infiltrating the Culture, Advancing the Kingdom ™.”

Vision ~ Prophecy

“Spirit and Truth Ministries Int’l” exists to enlist agents of awakening as an end-time army (Ez. 37) This will be a new generation of “Jesus” Leaders (Joel 2). Who like King Josiah, will rediscover the book, and become a radical remnant of roaring Reformers (2 Ki. 23) They will carry “Spirit & Truth” glory/intimacy across our nation and the nations of the world. This company will ascend in worship, and descend to war; revive a resistance against the culture, releasing another global reformation to America, and the nations of the world. They will restore the “Ark of His Presence ” lost to this upcoming generation. They will be carriers of the manifest glory of God to america and the nations of the world demonstrating Signs, Wonders, and Miracles again. They will become “repairers of the breach” (Is. 58). rebuilding the “ancient ruins” of the former rains and moves of God, and the “spiritual desolation” of many generations; and as a triumphant church, they will exercise dominion in their cities, as a unified, new man…a “Jesus generation” reclaiming territory and advancing the kingdom of God

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