My name is Sean Moore.  I am the Senior Pastor of Faith Christian Center in Phoenix, AZ.  I am writing this letter for the purpose of sharing my experiences I have had in working with Francisco Vega.

I have known Francisco personally since August of 2000.  Initially, we served together in youth ministry for several years on staff at Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan.  We preached, counseled and traveled together for a short season while I prepared him to take over the youth ministry for one of our sister churches in Smyrna, Georgia.  He has done a great job over the years perfecting his craft and maturing both personally and professionally while maintaining a fire and zeal for God that I noticed in him at the start of his ministry.

Francisco has been a guest speaker at Faith Christian Center- Phoenix on numerous occasions.  He has ministered to our general congregation, at our annual youth camps, to my staff and in one-on-one situations. Time and time again his ministry has proven to be fresh, relevant, timely, transforming and impactful.  Not only did these groups I mentioned receive good  information, they also experienced powerful impartations and manifestations of the Holy Spirit as well.  Francisco’s sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, his revelation of the scriptures and his tenacity and hunger for the miraculous stir not only the laity, but also church leaders into action.

As a person, Francisco has always exemplified strong Christian character, integrity and honor before God and before His people.  He is very intelligent, articulate and charismatic.  Behind the scenes he has got to be one of the most down-to-earth, compassionate and fun-loving individuals I have ever met in my life.

I highly recommend Francisco Vega for your ministry or organization.  Trust me, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Pastor Sean & Erica Moore
Senior Pastor - Faith Christian Center - Phoenix, AZ

I have had the privilege of knowing Frankie Vega for the last two years. In that time we have developed a friendship that I believe will last for many years to come.Minister Vega has a strong anointing for teaching/preaching the Word of God. He brings revelation knowledge that is backed by sound doctrine. His church background has built a solid foundation in his life and HIs itinerate ministry.

Minister Vega is a strategic thinker and vision-caster. He has a unique ability to strategically plan, and then articulate the plan in an easy to understand way.The first time Minister Vega ministered in our local church we had a tremendous move of the Spirit among our church, especially the young generation. The altar was crowded with young people crying out to God with great passion. Many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was evident in His work with our children and teenagers. At one point Minister Vega had the young ones laying hands on some of our adults for healing. Several adults were healed by the power of God in that meeting.

Frankie Vega is very personable with an infectious personality and a great sense of humor. He has a beautiful wife, Oshea, and a precious baby girl. Together they are building a solid home life for their young family.

I have found Minister Vega to be a man of his word. He has developed a high level of integrity in his life and ministry. He conducts himself appropriately in matters of finance, and in relationships with men and women. Minister Vega has a pure heart. He doesn’t come with a long list of demands. He is very open to working with the local church and the senior leader in whatever way he can. His heart’s desire is to build the local church and He does his best to fit the context of the gathering, whether sunday service, youth, singles etc. He can flow confidently in anointed ministry; or he can follow boundaries and time restraints. I know his ministry will have a strong impact on any local church that is hungry for a move of God.

I recommend Minister Frankie Vega to you without reservation. I know he will be a blessing to you and your organization.

Greg & Karen Howse
Senior Pastor, S.S.M.I. Network Founder