HEBRAIC ROOTS SERIES: ” A Jewish Worldview of Righteousness” Pt. 3


As we continue regarding RIGHTEOUSNESS we are learning we ARE the righteousness of God, in Christ and how not to miss the “FULL EFFECT” OF RIGHTEOUSNESS AS GOD ENVISIONED. We mentioned that after God ajudicates all iniquities, GOD REQUIRES OUR NEW FOUND “MORAL CLARITY” to generate a RESPONSE. If I may illustrate this with some more legal terminology, after your saved, and in response to our gratitude of being DELIVERED from KINGDOM CAPITIAL PUNISHMENT God desire to USE US and immediately “employ” you as a government agent to abolish injustice. God desires us to stand for him, and  DEFEND the OPPRESSED, PROTECT the young and INNOCENT, and to oppose OPPRESSION & SOCIAL & EVEN SPIRITUAL “INJUSTICES” IN THE EARTH. WE ARE TO to be his kingdom congress, and “LITIGATE” FOR LIFE, MORALITY, AND TRUTH. We are also to hold the OPPRESSORS OF ALL THAT IS SACRED, HOLY, JUST, AND RIGHT ACCOUNTABLE.


beloved as you can see, when we are truly operating in the “FULL EFFECT” of our RIGHTEOUSNESS our task is to TURN ( i.e through repentance) ALL KINGDOM OUTLAWS and”SPIRITUAL CRIMINALS” ( a.k.a SINNERS) to NOW WORK FOR THE KINGDOM GOVERNMENT THEY VIOLATED… “HEAVEN!” By accepting Christ AND to ALSO lovingly, yet firmly becoming our Lord’s F.B.I (Federal Bureau) against injustice on earth. Therefore, To “witness” for God means to then to be CALLED TO THE STAND for Jehovah. To be our Lord’s “JURY” & “PUBLIC DEFENDERS” against Satan, & ALL human institutions, entities, and governments regarding the balance beams of TRUTH IN THE HIGHER GOVERNMENT OF GOD.

For NO LAW of MAN can supercede or circumvent the “CONSTITUTION” OF THE KINGDOM… THE BIBLE. Any practice or legality being enacted against God’s kingdom in the high court of heaven may be a “freedom” on earth, yet A DIVINE FELONY in heaven. SO THUS THE GENERIC & AMBIGUOUS TERM USED OF RIGHTEOUSNESS TODAY IS ONE SIDED & WITHOUT COMPLETE DEFINITION…EVEN MISLEADING. In western society we have “lost” this holistic understanding of Jewish “righteousness”.

This undeserved, bestowed gift of JUSTIFICATION and POSITION of us as “kings” as a redemptive reality, is used more like a “charge card” term today, to promote a “guiltless” emotional utopia of false reality. A “grace based” lethargic lifestyle of comfortability, and a culture of “Non-conviction” when we FAIL TO REPRESENT GOD PUBLICALLY. Almost a “covenant eccentricity” of elitist privilage and arrogance. WE FOAM & CONFESS THAT WE MERIT & DEMAND ALL BLESSINGS NOW! B/C WE ARE “THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS”…


Sadly in hell (& even heaven) this is seen sometimes as really nothing more than our CHILDISH TANTRUMS OF “SPIRITUAL SPOILEDNESS” REFLECTED OUTWARDLY IN OUR SELFISH DESIRES & UNHOLY AMBITIONS. NOTHING MORE THAN A VAIN ATTEMPT TO “MANIPULATE” THE PRIVILAGE OF OUR DIVINE SONSHIP & ITS RIGHTS, TO VALIDATE OUR FLESHLY CRAVINGS. (p.p. Lk. 4:1 satan attempts to get Jesus to abuse his sonship privileges for fleshly benefit).

This doesn’t capture the PANORAMIC PICTURE OF TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS GOD DREAMS FOR HIS CHURCH. The Jewish picture word study, of the INTENTION of God’s heart is THAT “REAL” RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE FIGHT AGAINST SOCIAL INJUSTICES AND THE OPPRESSOR.. BY THE MERITS OF THE RIGHTEOUS ONE. CHRIST JESUS. Based on the duality of this definition, MANY “SAVED” ARE NOT EXACTLY BIBLICALLY  ACTING OUT THEIR”RIGHTEOUSNESS”. Thereby many promises to the “righteous” in scripture, doesn’t necessarily extend automatically to ALL BELIEVERS who are “standing IDLE in the way of sinners” (Psalm 1:1)

those who are often “spiritually lazy” will apathetically assert “salvation” is the only thing involved to be declared “righteous”. Yes, NO WORKS “earns” our salvation or justification. YET “WORKS” DEMONSTRATES TRUE FAITH (Jm. 2) merely having a “one dimensional” view appropriates the “God side” prerequisite but falls short WITHOUT fulfilling the “MAN-SIDE”. THE QUESTION IS, BEYOND “WORDS” WHO OR WHAT DO YOU FIGHT FOR, TO INTERCEDE & APPEASE THE HOLY HEART OF JUDGEMENT RESTRAINED WITHIN THE “CHEIF JUSTICE” OF THE UNIVERSE??? God MAKES YOU “RIGHT” (REBORN MORAL CLARITY) SO YOU CAN GO AND “MAKE THINGS RIGHT WITH MAN”. That’s the TRUTH regarding the biblical concept of RIGHTEOUSNESS. We are to be divine dispensers of God’s JUSTICE.


This is the hebraic concept for righteousness…


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