Spirit & Truth: Two Indispensable Pillars of Kingdom Power Pt. 1

Napoleon Bonaparte, an unequivocal military genius and general, once said “for conquering there is but the sword and the spirit, but only by spirit, can one conquer the sword…The Holy Spirit is a mighty Swordsmen who is the only agent skilled enough to wield the Sword of scripture with deadly precision, training, and accuracy. This new generation must be armed, skilled and trained to engage by the Spirit, the weapon of God’s word.


Our “Teaching and preaching” should be infused with the “demonstrations of the SPIRIT and POWER” (1 Cor. 2:7) God’s word is not merely written for LOGOS (Logic)  but to be manifested in the RHEMA (Reality). One is the precepts and the other is the power. We can have “principles” from Jesus, yet depersonalize the “person” of Jesus. We must not only have the “expertise” (INFORMATION) but the “experience” of our Lord (INTIMACY). We are to exert the King’s dominion by the Word of EXSUSIA (Authority) and the works of DUNAMIS (Miracles), The washing of the water of the word, and the purification of the FIRE of the Spirit.

We are to be a people passionate for His Word AND a people of the Spirit. For both were instituted to authenticate truth, demonstrating the realities of God, reciprocating tangible results that flows organically. God always uses natural creation to illustrate spiritual principles. In nature, there are two elements that support life, food and water. If your only source is food, you become deficient, dry, and dehydrated. If your only source is water, you become malnourished, anemic and emaciated. Both elements are needed to support life. EITHER EXTREME PRODUCES DEATH.

Likewise, you cannot contrast the vitality of the Spirit OVER the word, just as you cannot contrast the importance of food over water. They are parallel in importance,  incomparable in nature, and unimposing in emphasis. They are not mutually exclusive or independent one over the other, they activate and operate interdependantly. Just as food and water, the Spirit and the word are BOTH divinely tied inextricably to the dual nourishment of the body. For in the exodus God supplied MANNA (bread from heaven=Truth) and WATER (Flow of the Spirit) from the ONE rock Jesus Christ (1 Cor 10:1-3). “TRUTH” speaks of the LORDSHIP of Jesus, and “SPIRIT” speaks of the need of the LEADERSHIP and governance of the Holy Spirit today in the body of Christ .


By comparison, we see illustrated in the creation of the human body, a duality of dimensions co -existing.  God made man a bipedal sentient being designed to reflect His glory and so we see the number “two'” all throughout the body. To WALK requires 2 legs, equally advancing to move or progress as a body, so it is with the body of Christ. The Spirit and the Truth are the 2 legs designed and designated in the kingdom to stabilize the infrastructure of the ecclesia, which is the Church. This accelerates us towards movement and momentum in the full execution of God’s will. Furthermore, we see we have two eyes which cast image for ONE vision. We have 2 hands, which are emblematic of how we must contact the natural and the supernatural realm of the kingdom. One is knowing the book, but another is knowing the author.


Today we see a polarization of “truth” churches and “spirit” churches. One desiring only intellectualism and theology, and the other seeking spectacular, supernatural phenomena without sound doctrine and Christ centric teaching. GOD IS SEEKING A BALANCED PROPORTIONATE PEOPLE WHO VALUE TRUTH AND HIS SPIRIT. Naturally, if a limb is severed, it can be substituted cosmetically with prosthesis. But to “amputate” the support system of the Spirit from the body, would leave us standing only on “one leg” of impartiality and imbalance which has been the case unfortunately in recent years in the body of Christ. There is no “prosthetic” man can substitute for severing the Spirit’s ministry, which is a vital appendage of power God established in his body.

Finally we the church as a body, must ultimately personify this passion, if we are to change the culture, transform the church, and eliminate all impropriety and  imbalance concerning either the exclusion, or extremism of these two necessary pillars. We believe them to be tantamount to holistic and healthy spirituality within the body. It is time for resurgence. A renewal of a fresh move and fresh hebraic concepts that will bridge the gap between the disconnection of the latter and the former generations. We are called to join the hands of the older with the young, to distinctly delineate between the religious, and the new radical regime of roaring reformers returning the heart of the fathers back unto the sons and the sons to the fathers.  To trail blaze as forerunners, boldly cultivating the balance of kingdom culture and functionality of a spirit and truth paradigm the Father desires.

As you commit to this standard to take “Spirit & Truth” as a movement be prepared in your assignment. Activate your divine inheritance as a new “Jesus generation” to reach the unchurched and  reawaken this mighty new generation of worship warriors. YOU must reclaim a “lost ark” of the shekinah Glory of God to touch the next generation of our youth, our cities, and the nations of the world. Remember….


 Frankie Vega

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