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As  a “Visionaire” ( Heir of Vision)  monthly partner, you become an HEIR to the Vision and it’s inheritance. As the breath of God blows us into the nations you become a “kingdom connector” providing the wind beneath our wings, soaring with us supernaturally. As we go forth globally, your support builds your “sky miles” in the kingdom of God. For EVERY soul, EVERY miracle and fresh baptism will be credited to YOUR account. As we preach the uncompromised gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we recruit a end time Joel 2 army, activated for an extraordinary mission, God will add this fruit to abound to your account (Phil. 2) and your exceeding reward on the day of the Lord’s return.

Would you consider partnering with us monthly? this is all we expect of our


VISIONAIRE ™ Partners:

1. PRAYER - To please pray daily as a intercessor of S.T.M.I. for doors of utterance to open to bring “Awakening & Reformation” for America, for God’s leaders and laity, and that the Lord would use us to raise up a NEW Jesus generation of Leaders among Senior Leaders and the next generation.


2.  PROJECT SUPPORT - As we go forth in missions overseas and hosting conferences, inner city crusades/plants, and Leadership events, that you assist us to meet the needs of these MISSIONS campaigns as the Lord leads, and we update you.


3. PARTNERSHIP MONTHLY – You consider a monthly covenant Committment financially by giving your best gift, (30.00 a Month, 50.00 a Month, 100.00 a month) to reach the body of Christ. As we release the “R.O.A.R.” (Righteousness, Order, Awakening, Reformation) of God’s new generation of reformers, WE NEED YOU ON THE FRONTLINE WITH US, TO HELP SEND US FORTH TO PROCLAIM THIS MESSAGE! Thank you. 


Would you like to begin today?

in seconds, you can sow your very best seed, and/or JOIN US in a monthly VISIONAIRE ™ partnership with “Spirit & Truth Ministries Int’l”. 


Simply click the link below!

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